Ready to change your Gut Health?

Kfibre Prebiotic fibre (100g)

SKU: 0017
  • Kfibre is a whole plant insoluble and soluble prebiotic fibre derived from sugarcane for gut health management and microbiome support, also containing active phytonutrients and antioxidants.


    Can you really get something healthy from a plant that produces something unhealthy? Absolutely!


    First the fresh sugarcane is washed and chopped, and the sugary juice removed. The leftover plant is dried and ground into a fibre powder similar to psyllium husk powder, which you find in other fibre products.


    Kfibre has undergone over 10 years of scientific development, multiple University studies, patents, and clinical trials. Kfibre is FDA accredited, and approved as a food-health link by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand for the maintenance of intestinal & digestive health. 


    Kfibre is Gluten Free, Low GI, 95% Sugar free, Low FODMAP, contains NO artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, chemical stimulants or anti-caking agents! It is perfect for you and the whole family.


    Are you ready to change your gut health?


    If you live with bloating, indigestion & heartburn, constipation, FODMAP, or food intolerances (Kfibre has no known allergens) that keep you from an optimal healthy digestion or wish to lose a little weight then Kfibre is for you.


    Kfibre can:

    Support your Microbiome

    Normalise your Digestion

    Relieve your Dietary Constipation

    Provide Relief from Dietary Indigestion and Heart Burn

    Assist Weight Management

    Provide Diet assistance for FODMAP and Gluten sensitivies

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